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I’ve been up late most nights finishing off new original paintings for an exhibition at my gallery in Thixendale. It’s been hard to concentrate because of a particularly raucous pair of tawny owls outside. It is ironic since paintings of these birds rank among the ‘natural treasures’ I have on display. Click here for more information about my exhibition: Natural Treasures  Natural Treasures: Noisy Tawny Owls The tawny owls live in the valley below my […]


I have more than 30 cameras hidden in animal and bird nests throughout my garden and the countryside beyond and at any one time you can watch wild owls, weasels. stoats or garden birds as they go about their daily business on screens displayed in my gallery in Thixendale, North Yorkshire. I will be updating this blog with video clips taken from these nest cams every time I get any really great action on my […]

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