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little owl


A Window onto the World of Little Owls I have begun an ambitious new project to install cameras inside a little owl nest so that I can learn more about the secret life of Britain’s smallest owl. The plan is still in its infancy and I have a lot to do before the breeding season begins. Little Owls Always Look Cross Little owls stand at just 20cm tall and have piercing yellow eyes topped with […]


Many of the limited edition owl art prints in this collection feature owls living in my garden. I favour a detailed style to capture the individual character of these magnificent birds. Barn Owl Art Prints Barn owls are my favourite owls. I love the way they glide over grassy fields or perch silently on fence posts with their white feathers glowing against the evening sky.   Barn Owl On Lookout | Limited Edition Print | […]


Owl’s cool off from summer heat wave in a ‘hoot tub’ As temperatures soared to record levels here in UK, a pair of tawny owls began using my garden pond as their own personal ‘hoot tub’. The owls returned nightly – and unusually also in broad daylight – to swim and bathe in the pond. Watch them below.  If owls could be said to be washing under their armpits, I’d say these two were! Look how […]

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