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This is the story of a family of peregrine falcons living on an industrial site in Hull. Known as the ‘Salt End Peregrines’, these birds live high on a cooling tower at Salt End Chemical Park where live cameras follow their every move. Scroll down to see how the story has inspired new artworks. Click here for a brief history of The Salt End Peregrines| Click here for the story of The Salt End Peregrines […]


Last autumn I installed four cameras inside a peregrine falcon nest located at a vast industrial site on the banks of the Humber Estuary in Hull. This meant I could record events inside the nest at Salt End Chemical Park and relay live images of the action via a mobile internet connection back to my gallery in Thixendale, a full 32 miles away!  The nest, located 100ft up a grain silo, is well established. The […]


  Cameras running 24 hours on a peregrine nest located on a vast industrial site in Hull are relayed via a wireless internet signal to my remote gallery in Thixendale. Follow the story of the peregrines of Salt End Chemical Park here. The highlights so far include a dramatic courtship conducted at dizzying heights and the magical moment four spectacular red-brown eggs are laid, one by one. Scroll down to see the paintings inspired by this intense […]

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