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peregrine falcon facts


Peregine Falcon (Falco Peregrinus) I watch peregrines in the wild for my paintings. Here’s what I’ve learned so far about the world’s fastest bird.   Peregrine Falcon Facts: The wandering bird The name peregrine falcon comes from the Latin word ‘peregrinus’, which means ‘wanderer’ or ‘pilgrim. It is so named because outside of the breeding season these birds travel widely. In fact it is one of the most widespread birds in the world. The scientific […]

9 natural treasures


Capturing the Glance of a Peregrine in Paint | My Painting Story This is the story of a new original acrylic painting inspired by watching peregrine falcons on live nest cameras at Salt End Chemical Park in Hull. Footage from this camera is streamed via wifi to my art studio more than 50 miles away and over the years I have watched the story unfold as this formidable peregrine pair raise three generations of chicks […]


This is the story of a pair of peregrines living high on a cooling tower at Salt End, a vast industrial chemical park on the banks of the Humber Estuary. Click to play video Far above one of Europe’s busiest ports in an industrial landscape of belching chimneys and vast cooling towers, live a pair of peregrine falcons. The world’s fastest bird has made this harsh and unforgiving environment of Salt End Chemical Park near Hull its […]

overcoming dyslexia


Accustomed to photographing wildlife in rugged, remote locations, wildlife artist Robert E Fuller dons hard hat and fireproof overalls to film peregrine falcons nesting amidst the noise and smells of a chemical plant on the Humber estuary.    Over the years I have been to some amazing places to see some spectacular wildlife. But my adventures almost always involved travelling to wild and remote places. Occasionally I venture into urban spaces, like photographing waxwings in […]

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