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Red squirrel, painted by Robert E Fuller


In support of Red Squirrel Awareness Week, I thought I’d share my collection of paintings of red squirrels with you. Red squirrels are in serious trouble. The latest estimated population is just 140,000 , of which 75% or more are in Scotland. According to Red Squirrels Northern England populations here in the north of England are still dismally low. The main problems are disease, specifically squirrel pox, the loss and fragmentation of their woodland habitat, […]


Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day and a timely reminder that one of Britain’s most beautiful species needs our help. Red squirrels are an increasingly rare sight in England. Their decline is mainly due to  a deadly pox carried by grey squirrels. But the loss of conifer woodland across the country is also a major factor  since red squirrels like to feed on the seeds in the pine cones.   Plans are afoot for a new forest along the […]

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