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Photo of the Week: The Best of my Wildlife Art Photographic Studies A Wildlife Photo A Week My photographs are studies for my paintings. I’ve selected the best images of the season for you each week. From puffins photographed along the Yorkshire coast to badger cubs at play – this is the very best of British wildlife. Click here for more snapshots taken throughout the seasons.  Click here to see these photographs translates into paintings […]


Puffins are everybody’s favourite seabird and it’s not hard to see why. With their smart black and white plumage, comical walk and bright orange beaks, these small birds really stand out. Puffins in Art As an artist I love puffins for their exquisite striped bills, edged with shades of blue, grey, red, orange, yellow and cream. Their dark eyes off-set this colourful beak with coordinated red and blue eyeliner. It’s as though these birds are asking to […]


My gallery is based in the deep-cut vale of Thixendale in North Yorkshire which, aside from being very beautiful, teams with wildlife. I’ve devoted my life to watching these creatures and I like to think that I know nearly every badger sett, fox den and owl nest in the area – and each of them have inspired a painting. Below I’ve put together a list of some of the best wildlife you can see here and […]

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