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wildlife painting of the week tawny owl


Wildlife Painting Of The Week The best of wildlife art Wildlife is reflected through the season with this collection of fine art paintings. This post is updated every week so keep checking to see what’s new. Click here to look back at my wildlife painting spring choices.   July 17th 2019 Tawny Owl On The Lookout Wildlife Painting of the Week A pair of tawny owls have nested in my garden for more than a […]

wildlife painting of the week


Winter Wildlife In Paint Follow the seasons with a painting a week My selections this season celebrate the incredible way in which our wildlife copes with the cold. I’ve included original paintings along with choices from my fine art print collection. Click here to see my spring art choices   February 27th 2019 Badgers: Two of a Kind Wildlife Painting of the Week     Badger cubs are born underground this month. These two badgers […]


I am currently exhibiting a new collection of paintings of wildlife in winter and I thought I would share with you the photographic and video research that went into this new series. I am particularly interested in how animals behave when the temperatures drop and so whenever it snows I like to get out with my camera to see what I can find. This is a really magical time. Not only does the world turn […]

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