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Electric blue and accented in bright orange, kingfishers are undoubtedly Britain’s most striking birds. This art collection follows an intensive study of their behaviour, during which I filmed kingfisher chicks inside their underground nests.   Paintings Inspired by Kingfishers The sight of a kingfisher is often no more than a fleeting flash of blue as it darts along a riverbank and so in order to study this bird closely for this collection of detailed paintings, […]

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Wildlife Painting Of The Week The best of wildlife art Wildlife is reflected through the season with this collection of fine-art paintings. This post is updated every week so keep checking to see what’s new. Click here to look back at my wildlife painting spring choices.     September 18th, 2019 Blue Tit On Lookout Wildlife Painting of the Week Have you noticed how many haw berries are out at the moment? The hedgerows here […]

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