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watching wildlife in the caringorms


The wildlife of the Cairngorms is so inspiring. I went in search of wildcats and came back having seen snow hares, red deer and a golden eagle. It was such a magical experience I couldn’t wait to get back to my easel and paint the beautiful creatures I had seen! I’ve just finished the red stag sketch below. Scroll down to see what else I have painted since I returned. Scroll down to watch a […]


Red stags are truly magnificent beasts and can be seen quite readily in Scotland. But to get up close you need to be prepared to really get down on your hands and knees! That’s how I got near enough to this fabulous beast to be able to walk with him as though I were a member of his herd! I’ve always wanted to experience the red stag rut in the wilds of Scotland, when male ‘stags’ […]


I couldn’t resist taking the family to see the red deer at the National Trust’s Lyme Park during a visit to see some friends in Cheshire this weekend. This is definitely a spot to revisit during the rut later this year. The moorland backdrop is spectacular and will look stunning in a composition. I painted the stag above in the Highlands.

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