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Puffins are everybody’s favourite seabird and it’s not hard to see why. With their smart black and white plumage, comical walk and bright orange beaks, these small birds really stand out. Puffins in Art As an artist I love puffins for their exquisite striped bills, edged with shades of blue, grey, red, orange, yellow and cream. Their dark eyes off-set this colourful beak with coordinated red and blue eyeliner. It’s as though these birds are asking to […]


A winter’s night can be one of the most challenging experiences if you are a bird. Small birds can lose up to 20pc of their body weight overnight in the cold. To cope, they feed-up as much as they can in the hours before nightfall. If you watch the birds in your garden each afternoon the feeding frenzy that takes place during these crucial hours can feel like a race. The smaller the bird, the […]

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