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Welcome to the story of the kestrel family in 2018 on my nest cam The kestrel chicks have now fledged! What a wonderful breeding year it was. Scroll down to follow the story of this kestrel family in detail and enjoy every moment: from the time the adult pair first mated, via an intriguing tale of infidelity, and on to watch the chicks first meals and flights. Below is a video made up of all the best […]


I have more than 30 cameras postioned in my garden and the countryside surrounding my home and gallery so that at any one time I can watch the wildlife that visits. This network of secret cameras includes cameras hidden inside the nests of barn owls, tawny owls, kestrels and stoats relaying images 24 hours a day to screens inside my gallery. Every week I go through the footage and pick the best of it to […]

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