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From my studio window, I have a great view over the Yorkshire Wolds. I like to keep my French windows wide open for as long as the weather allows. At this time of year, I often find myself distracted from my easel by the autumn bird migration.  As huge flocks of birds fly overhead in formation, I can’t help but put my paintbrush down to admire them. See short eared owls during the autumn migration […]

Painting by Robert E Fuller


    I’ve just finished this painting of a midair mobbing. I was inspired to paint it after watching this plucky kestrel snatch food from a short eared owl during a particularly cold winter close to my gallery on the Yorkshire Wolds. I spent five days in deep snow and sub zero temperatures captivated by the battle between a number of short eared owls and a kestrel. Both species were trying to survive in more than […]

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