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Weasel Watch | A Story that Inspired my Paintings   I’ve followed the intimate lives of a family of weasels in my garden since 2015 and my research includes new insights into the courtship behaviour of these tiny predators. Weasels are so small and secretive it is difficult to study their behaviour. Until now, population counts have been largely conducted from specimens trapped by gamekeepers whilst behavioural studies were mainly based on captive animals. As […]


I had a wonderful day yesterday. I travelled down to Sherborne Esate in Gloucestershire from my home in Thixendale, North Yorkshire. I went down to be filmed on BBC Springwatch Unsprung, which is the live analysis programme into fun wildlife stories. The Springwatch team had asked me to take down one of my original paintings, so I decided to take down my new acrylic painting of a kingfisher, below.   They also asked me to […]

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