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I have a unique habitat built especially for stoats and weasels in my garden in Yorkshire, in the north of England. Rigged with hidden cameras so that I can film these little-understood animals for my paintings, my ‘Stoat City’ and ‘Weasel Town’ featured in a TV nature documentary about weasels. This is the story of how I created the habitats. For US readers: In my blogs, a weasel refers to your ‘least weasel’ and stoat […]

bandita weasel after the tv show


After starring in a ground-breaking TV documentary on weasels (Weasels: Feisty and Furious on BBC2 Natural World and Nature: The Mighty Weasels, PBS, USA), Bandita continued to care for her kits in my garden in Yorkshire, in the north of England, until they were 17 weeks old when they all dispersed to find territories of their own – all that is except for a female I named Crackle. This was surprising since in previous years […]

filming bandita


Bandita is the star of a TV documentary about the little-understood weasel animal family. A beautiful female stoat, mustela erminea, she lives in my garden in Yorkshire, in the north of England, and was filmed two years ago as she raised a litter of five kits here.  Stoats are one of the most elusive of mammals and it took more than 50 surveillance cameras, considerable field skills and a lot of luck to be able […]

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