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hand rearing a stoat


As I sit at my easel painting, two playful stoats bound about on a TV monitor beside me. Far from a distraction, these happy animals lift my spirits and make the long days at my easel go faster. Hand-Rearing a Tiny Stoat Kit I have known and cared for both since they were tiny kits and even hand-reared one – a female, this one was just four weeks when she was referred to me by Mustelid […]


Rehabilitating Stoats A Tiny Stoat Kit Named Whisper I am looking after a tiny stoat kit named Whisper. Whisper was found alone and apparently abandoned by a dog walker. She was handed to me because in recent years I’ve taken on the job of rehabilitating stoats and weasels for Mustelid Rescue UK. My job is to hand rear them until they are ready to be released into the wild.  Scroll down to follow Whisper’s story […]

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