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fostering tawny owls


In the valley below my gallery three tawny owl chicks make their way through a line of sycamore trees, flitting from branch to branch. They are heading towards my garden bird table, where the adult tawny owls tear up portions of food to feed to them one by one. Tawny Owls are excellent parents These birds are excellent parents, even though only one of the three owlets is actually their own chick.  The other two […]


We have five species of owl living in mainland Britain, but at this time of year you could be forgiven for thinking there is only one. Tawny owls make more noise than the other four species put together during October and November. And all this extra shrieking, hooting and ‘kee-wick’- ing is down to one thing: territory. Young birds are reaching maturity and looking for new homes while older birds are fighting to hold on […]

Barn Owl painting by Robert E Fuller


The tawny owls that feed in my garden each night have been bringing their chicks to the bird table and this week there were eight all balancing on the branch outside my living room window!  It has been fantastic watching them at such close quarters, they are such characters. The way they bob up and down when they spot something new is so funny. I’ve been putting food out for tawny owls to encourage them […]

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