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This blog follows the lives of a barn owl family living in my garden in North Yorkshire and is taken from the best of video clips from live nest cameras. Live Streaming You can now watch this nest box live on my YouTube Channel CLICK HERE TO WATCH (If you don’t have access to YouTube you can see it on Facebook, Robert E Fuller, from 12-1pm GMT every day or for longer views consider becoming […]


Barn Owl Chicks: The Facts Hatching & Early Development Like many ‘baby’ birds, barn owlets are naked and ugly after they first hatch. But they quickly develop a very thin covering of down and by five weeks of age they get their characteristic heart-shaped face. At this age they are also very playful. Like kittens, they run, jump, pounce, hiss and move their heads in the most comical manner, even turning their heads upside down. […]

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I’ve learned a lot about barn owls over years of studying them for my paintings and so I’ve listed the essential barn owl facts for you here. Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) Barn Owl Facts: Appearance The sight of a barn owl gliding over hedgerows is an iconic countryside image. Known as white owls, barn owls have pure white underbellies, golden, buff-coloured wings, and heart-shaped faces. Barn Owl Facts: Size These beautiful white owls are medium-sized […]

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