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meet the models


From deer emerging from woodland to owls flitting over evening skies, meet the wildlife art models that inspired my paintings this season. Click here to see paintings these photos have inspired. August 28th, 2020 Otter (Lutrinae) Meet the Model Otters have two layers of fur to keep them warm in northern seas. This extra lining also traps air close to their skin making them buoyant and it’s not uncommon to see otters floating on their […]

kingfisher artwork


This painting of a kingfisher is the result of a secret study of these brilliant birds inside their dark underground nest. I built a bespoke nest chamber and installed hidden cameras inside so that I could watch what happens when these brightly-coloured birds disappear underground to bring up their young in the dark. Filming Kingfishers Underground And I discovered an extraordinary world under there. For a start, who knew that the chicks looked like aliens? […]

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