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I always associate them with the run up to Christmas, when they arrive to escape the icy winters further north. So when I heard that they had begun arriving in record numbers one November along a few first flurries of snow, the news put me in seasonal mood. Waxwings migrate to the UK to take feed on our rowan berries when stocks in their native Scandinavia begin to run out. The first waxwings always land in flocks on the north east […]


Christmas Flocks Although they are not native birds, I often associate waxwings with Christmas. These colourful birds flock in from Scandinavia each year to escape the icy winters or poor rowan berry harvests there. They reach the east coast first before spreading west in search of food.   Waxwings Often Raid City Centres Waxwings are renowned for invading city parks, shopping centre car parks and gardens after plundering the sources of berries in the countryside. […]

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