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Bandita, white stoat photographed by Robert E Fuller


Meet Bandita, the white stoat who has been capturing hearts on social media and in the news. As a band of snow accompanied by freezing temperatures hit the UK from Eastern Europe, this cute little creature was ready for it. Stoats have the ability to turn white for essential camouflage in winter snows and Bandita’s coat turned well in advance of the arrival of ‘The Beast from the East’, as the weather front that has […]


The very best Christmas present I got this year was a white stoat appearing in my garden. For most of the year and throughout most of the British Isles, stoats are chestnut-coloured with a creamy white belly. But in prolonged snowfall they moult this brown coat and replace it with white fur. Only the black tips of the tail remain. This transformation is as an essential part of a stoat’s camouflage in winter white landscapes. […]


Exactly three days before the snow fall last week, I spotted this white stoat hunting in the valley opposite. I watched it hunting and then put out food and set up a camera trap. The shot I got is a bit fuzzy. But it has been interesting to see how well camouflaged it’s ermine coat was when the snow then fell. Meanwhile the stoats in my garden are continuing to enthral me. Stoats are known […]

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