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meet the models wildlife photography


From deer emerging from woodland to owls flitting over evening skies, meet the wildlife art models that inspired my paintings this season. Click here to see a weekly update of paintings these photos have inspired. November 21st, 2020 Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) Meet the Models Sparrowhawks are formidable predators. They attack with such lightning-quick speed that most gardeners are only ever aware of their presence by the unhappy pile of songbird feathers left on the lawn. […]

wildlife photo of the week heron


Wildlife Art Photographic Studies A Beautiful Wildlife Photograph Every Week Spring is the time to photograph wildlife at its most interesting. My photographs are studies for my paintings and I’ve selected the best images of the season for you. Scroll down to see osprey, long-tailed tits and hares boxing in the fields. Click here for more snapshots taken throughout the seasons.  Click here to see these photographs translates into paintings on my Wildlife Painting of […]

overcoming dyslexia


Accustomed to photographing wildlife in rugged, remote locations, wildlife artist Robert E Fuller dons hard hat and fireproof overalls to film peregrine falcons nesting amidst the noise and smells of a chemical plant on the Humber estuary.    Over the years I have been to some amazing places to see some spectacular wildlife. But my adventures almost always involved travelling to wild and remote places. Occasionally I venture into urban spaces, like photographing waxwings in […]

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