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This year I celebrate 20 years of painting the wildlife on my doorstep. I’ve been looking back at some of my favourite wild visitors and the paintings they inspired. See more at my winter exhibition at my gallery in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, from Nov 10th – Dec 2nd. July 1998 Only 2 tree sparrows at Fotherdale Painting the wildlife on the doorstep When I moved to Fotherdale Farm in 1998 the only bird life here was one […]

Bandita, white stoat photographed by Robert E Fuller


Meet Bandita, the white stoat who has been capturing hearts on social media and in the news. As a band of snow accompanied by freezing temperatures hit the UK from Eastern Europe, this cute little creature was ready for it. Stoats have the ability to turn white for essential camouflage in winter snows and Bandita’s coat turned well in advance of the arrival of ‘The Beast from the East’, as the weather front that has […]


Winter is the best time to spot wildlife. Most animals are more focused on finding food and keeping warm than hiding on cold frosty days. The lighting is also beautifully soft. So whenever it snows I grab a camera and get outside to see what I can find. Here are my top nine creatures to look for when it snows. 1. Wildlife in Winter | See Hares Boxing in Snow Over the years, I’ve learned […]

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