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Tawny Owl Nest Camera | March 2019 | Will There Be Eggs?

March 2019

Update – Will there be eggs?

What’s Happening this Month

I’m expecting the female tawny owl to lay any day now, but she hasn’t been looking well. Read on to find out how she’s getting on and see also that the pair are still fussing over which nest site to choose.

Click here to follow their story from the beginning of the season.

March 22nd – 30th 2019

Inside A Tawny Owl Nest:  Recovery At Last

Tawny Owl Health

During late March I became increasingly worried about the female tawny owl. She began to spend longer and longer lying slumped at the bottom of the owl box. Then on March 22nd my surveillance cameras spotted her gaping at the entrance Ash Stump. She appeared to have difficulties breathing and the cameras later caught her rubbing her beak and chest against the inside of the box, as though something on her beak was troubling her. Again I worried about Frounce – especially since that same week I noticed a wild pigeon in the garden with similar symptoms. Frounce can be very contagious and a case in my garden could be very serious. I decided to keep an eye on her. Thankfully there were no more signs or symptoms of this disease.
However I did spot her – this time back inside Beech Stump, straining and wondered if she was egg bound. Normally tawny owls have laid by mid-March. Then on March 27th both tawny owls disappeared all together. They were absent for long enough for a jackdaw to try to colonise the Beech Stump, their preferred nest box.But on March 29th they returned – and the female looked really healthy again. The cameras filmed the male as he lovingly passed a meal to her, which she ate heartily. I’m not sure why she hasn’t laid yet, perhaps her health has been a little low, but she certainly looks a lot better and so hopefully she is back on course to lay soon.

Click to play video

March 17th 2019

Inside A Tawny Owl Nest: Exploring A New Nest Site

Choosing a nest box

The tawny owls have been exploring my ash stump nest box recently. They’ve been in there once or twice before so they are clearly not completely settled on using Beech Stump to nest in this year. Watch as the female digs a nest scrape and calls the male in. He brings her some food and then they both settle in for the rest of the night.

Click video above to play

March 13th 2019

Inside A Tawny Owl Nest: A Poorly Owl?

Tawny Owl Health

I got very worried about the female tawny owl after she spent hours lying flat at the entrance of the Beech Stump. She didn’t move all afternoon and I began to think she could be ill. The most common disease owl’s suffer from is a respiratory affliction known as ‘Frounce’. (Click here to read this helpful article by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust describes what the disease is and how it presents). However by Sunday night she appeared to have made a full recovery and was happily sitting inside the box preening her feathers. Phew!

Click video above to play

March 3rd 2019

Inside A Tawny Owl Nest: Establishing A Routine At Beech Stump

Life In A Tawny Owl Nest

The tawny owls seem to have now settled into a routine at Beech Stump. They didn’t seem overly perturbed after the kestrels messed up their nest scrape last week. Watch the clip below to see how they spend their days preening, guarding the nest site – just in case there are more kestrel intruders – and occasionally readjusting the nest scrape.

Click the video above to play


Tawny Owl Artwork

My Tawny Owl Paintings

Inspired by watching these tawny owls

My webcams are essentially studies for my paintings. Here are a few of the paintings inspired by watching and learning about his bird pair up close.

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tawny owl art inspired by nest cameras
Tawny Owl On Lookout | Fine Art Print | Shop Now
tawny owl painting inspired by nest cams
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