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Wildlife Painting of the Week | Autumn 2019

Wildlife Painting Of The Week

The best of wildlife art

Wildlife is reflected through the season with this collection of fine-art paintings. This post is updated every week so keep checking to see what’s new.

I paint directly from photographs. Follow this link to see the captures that inspired the artwork.


October 16th, 2019

Snuggled Up

Wildlife Painting of the Week

wildlife painting of the week

As the October rains and mists set in, I thought the above painting, titled ‘Snuggled Up’, an appropriate choice for wildlife painting of the week. This pair of barn owl chicks are actually the very first barn owls I helped to rescue and they represent the beginning of my personal history of barn owl conservation here in the Yorkshire Wolds.  Click here to read more about my barn owl conservation work and how these owls inspired it.

October 9th, 2019

Red Stag of Etive

Wildlife Painting of the Week

I’m currently busy painting for a new exhibition of wildlife art paintings that will celebrate our ‘Natural Treasures’. I think red stags rank as one of Britain’s natural treasures! I’ll be exhibit some of my red stag limited edition prints alongside the new originals.

Click here to read about the stag in the painting above and learn how I watched it in the wild before settling to paint. 



October 2nd, 2019

Hedgehog in Autumn Leaves

Wildlife Painting of the Week
hedgehog painting of the week
Hedgehog in Autumn Leaves | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

Autumn is undeniably here. The leaves are turning, the berries are glowing, and deep in leaf litter you might spot one of these. Click here to read about how I persuaded this one to pose for its portrait. 


September 25th, 2019

Squirrel on Scots Pine

Wildlife Painting of the Week
wildlife painting of the week
Squirrel on Scots Pine | Limited Edition Print | More like this
It’s Red Squirrel Awareness Week this week so I have chosen a painting of a red squirrel posed on a scots pine branch for this week’s painting of the week. Red squirrels are in serious trouble. The latest estimated population is just 120,000 , of which 75% or more are in Scotland. According to Red Squirrels Northern England there are only 15,000 left in England. Within 10 years there could be none at all. The main problems are: disease, specifically squirrel pox; the loss and fragmentation of their woodland habitat; and competition from the more robust grey squirrel.


Click here to see my collection of red squirrel paintings and learn more about how I hope to support their conservation

September 18th, 2019

Blue Tit On Lookout

Wildlife Painting of the Week
wildlife photo of the week
Blue Tit on the Lookout | Limited Edition Print | More Info

Have you noticed how many haw berries are out at the moment? The hedgerows here on the Yorkshire Wolds are aglow with these deep red jewels. I like to use hawthorn berries in my compositions and many of my winter compositions also feature birds posed on these beautiful berries.

September 11th, 2019


Wildlife Painting of the Week

yellowhammer wildlife painting of the week

This painting of a yellowhammer perched on blackthorn is an old favourite. Yellowhammers are often seen perched right at the top of small trees or bushes. As winter approaches they join mixed flocks of buntings, finches and sparrows to feed on seeds on farmland.



September 4th, 2019

Courting Pheasants

Wildlife Painting of the Week


pheasants wildlife photo of the week

Pheasants always look their best at this time of year, their russet-coloured feathers complementing the autumn countryside. This painting features a male and female conversing.

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