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Wildlife Painting Of The Week | Spring 2019 | Seasons In Paint

Springtime Wildlife In Paint

Follow the seasons with a painting a week

As blossom emerges and birds begin to prepare their nests for the breeding season ahead, my weekly choice of paintings reflect the mood of hope in the air. Keep checking in each week for a new painting to reflect the season.

Click here to look back at my wildlife painting of the week winter choices.

April 10th 2019

Three’s Trouble

Wildlife painting of the week
wildlife painting of the week
Three’s Trouble | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

Fox cubs begin emerging from their underground dens at this time of year. Look out for discarded bones and other ‘toys’ around an earth for signs that there are cubs now. I painted this after watching a vixen with her three playful cubs living underneath a Wendy House in a suburban garden. Click here to read the full story. 


April 3rd 2019

Kingfisher Courtship

Wildlife painting of the week
wildlife art
Kingfisher’s Courting, painted by Robert E Fuller

Kingfishers are courting now. Normally solitary birds they have to overcome an instinctual aversion of each other to mate. The male will fish for the female and then offer her his catch as a gift. To tell the difference between males and females, look for a line of orange on the lower beak of the female, like a streak of lipstick. I painted this after building a kingfisher nest rigged with hidden cameras so that I could see the chicks hatch inside their nest.

Click here to see my rare kingfisher footage and read more about this kingfisher pair and their unusual courtship process. 



March 27th 2019

Wren On Cherry Blossom

Wildlife painting of the week 


wildlife painting of the week wren
Wren On Cherry Blossom | Fine Art Print | Shop Now

The cherry trees are bursting with blossom and the birds have begun to sing in the season so I thought to pose a singing wren on this branch was the perfect composition from spring.



March 20th 2019


Wildlife Painting of the Week
wildlife painting of the week
Heron, limited edition print | See similar 

A grey heron is a beautiful subject to paint. It always strikes an elegant pose and its long graceful neck and black, white and grey plumage offer such fluid lines. Look out for herons now in huge communal nests known as heronries.

Click here to read about my experiences watching herons at an ancient heronry. 



March 13th 2109

Avocets – Perfect Pair

Wildlife Painting of the Week


Avocets | Original Acrylic Painting |Framed size: 23.5″ x 31.5″ |Image size: 13.75″ x 20.75″ | Shop Now


It was the way the sweeping curve of one bird’s beak echoed the round of its mate’s belly that caught my eye when I chose to paint this scene. Avocets are so graceful to paint. I love the symmetry of their black and white plumage. Here I have set these lines against a simple backdrop of blue water fading into the blue of the sky.

Did you know that avocets are the symbol of the RSPB because saving these beautiful birds from extinction was this organisation’s first success story? Click here to read more. 


March 6th 2019


Wildlife Painting of the Week


wildlife painting of the week nuthatch
Nuthatch | Oils | See similar


This beautiful slate-blue bird gets its name for is fondness for nuts, which it holds in its claws and carefully chisels open. The ‘hatch’ comes from the old French word ‘hache’ meaning axe or hatchet. But you are more likely to see them scurry down tree trunks in search of insects. I used oils to pick out the beautiful blue of its feathers.

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