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Rpbert E Fuller Wildlife Artist Blog
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Wildlife Painting of the Week

Welcome to ‘Painting of the Week’ where I’ll be posting my brand new originals as well as limited edition prints and paintings from my archives.

Please note I accept private commissions so if there is a subject that interests you and you would like to discuss possible compositions call me on +44 1759 368355.


August 15th 2018

King of Savute

Painting of the week | Original in oils | Framed size: 37×29″ | £8,950


To mark World Lion Day on August 10th I’ve chosen this original oil painting. I photographed this particular male lion in Savute game reserve,  Botswana, in 2000. I was struck by the way it exuded power and presence as it prowled the dry savannah. Lion populations have decreased at an alarming rate and it shocks me that there are now just 20,000 of these magnificent creatures left in the wild. I hope my painting will inspire respect for the remaining population and inspire a desire to protect lions for generations to come. 


wildlife painting of the week Lion painted by wildlife artist Robert E Fuller
King of Savute, original oil painting by Robert E Fuller. Buy now


August 8th 2018

Leopard on the lookout

Painting of the week | Limited edition print | Image size  45x30cm| £110 for a loose print


It’s the holiday season and this leopard, lounging lazily high in the tree canopy captures the mood. I like to watch and photograph animals in their natural habitat for my paintings and have crossed the globe to see some of its most elusive species. I usually make time for one wildlife watching trip each year. Click here to read about the time I watched a leopard for my paintings in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

painting of the week: leopard by robert e fuller
Leopard on the lookout, limited edition print. Buy now



August 1st 2018

Barn owl at Burdale

Painting of the week | Limited edition print | Image size 27x34cm | £110 for  a loose print


Today is Yorkshire Day and to celebrate I’ve chosen to share this painting of a barn owl. You get barn owls all over the UK but this one is a particularly local owl. I watched it in the Yorkshire Wolds valley of Burdale, which to my mind is one of the most beautiful places in Yorkshire. Click here to see more paintings of Yorkshire wildlife and a list of my top 11 favourite Yorkshire wild creatures. 

painting of the week: barn owl
Barn owl at Burdale, limited edition print. Buy Now




July 25th 2018

Great Crested Grebe Incubating

Painting of the week |Original in Pencil & Acrylic | Image Size 10.5″x12″ | £2,950


I watched this great crested grebe nest at York University. It was amazing to see just how relaxed it was just 10 metres from a busy footpath. It hatched three stripy chicks and took them out onto the main lake. But they kept coming back to the nest to rest and roost.


painting of the week robert e fuller
Great Crested Grebe Incubating. Buy Now

wildlife painting of the week
Great Crested Grebe Incubating. Framed size: 20.5″ x 22.75″



July 18th 2018

Hare in Mayweed

Painting of the week | Limited edition print | Image size 30x15cm | £70 for a loose print

It’s been a long hot summer and so I thought this painting of a hare in a clump of mayweed expressed the mood perfectly. The grass is so dry at the moment, but the wild flowers are thriving! Click here to read about how I planted a wildlflower meadow  in my garden to provide me with inspiration for my backdrops.

Hare in wildflowers painted by artist Robert E Fuller
Hare in Mayweed, by Robert E Fuller Buy Now





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