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Wildlife Photo of the Week 2019

Welcome to ‘Wildlife Photo of the Week’ where I share the photographic studies that inspire my paintings. Each week I select one & relate the story behind the picture. If you feel inspired by a subject feel free to get in touch to commission a painting. My number is 01759 368355 or email me on mail@robertefuller.com.


January 12th 2019

Hooray for Jays

Wildlife Photo of the Week

wildlife photo of the week


Watch for jays this month as they skip along the ground retrieving acorns that they have stashed in leaf litter all winter. Studies have revealed that a single jay can store as many as 5,000 acorns over the season. They also remember where they have left most of their haul, although they don’t recover them all – which is good news for the oak trees that then germinate where they have been ‘planted’.



January 5th 2019

Squirrel Nutkin

Wildlife Photo of the Week

wildlife photo of the week

Red squirrels don’t hibernate over winter; they just take it easy. They need to conserve energy to keep warm so they are not as active during cold spells and rely on a stash of nuts gathered in the autumn to keep them going rather than having to search for food. Their coats are less of a rich red over winter and more of a dull grey-brown. But their tales usually remain their trademark rust-red. I photographed this squirrel in the Yorkshire Dales.

Click here to read my blog post on watching Yorkshire’s red squirrels. 


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2 comments on Wildlife Photo of the Week 2019

  1. Beautiful photo Robert and good to see you on TV last night – your ‘ermine’ Stoat is stunning. How do you fancy swapping houses!!!

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