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Wildlife Photo of the Week | Spring 2019 | The Best of UK Wildlife

Wildlife Art Photographic Studies

A Beautiful Wildlife Photograph Every Week

Spring is the time to photograph wildlife at its most interesting. My photographs are studies for my paintings and I’ve selected the best images of the season for you. Scroll down to see ospreys, long-tailed tits and hares boxing in the fields.

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April 13th 2019


Wildlife photo of the week

best wildlife photograph of the week

Kingfishers are courting now. Listen for a high-pitched ‘peep’ along riverbanks and streams. If you hear it, look for a  flash of electric blue. These brightly-coloured birds are fascinating to watch. Normally solitary birds, they have to overcome an instinct to avoid one another in order to mate. The male will fish for the female. If you are lucky you can watch as he offers her his catch. To tell the difference, look for a line of orange on the lower beak of the female, like a streak of lipstick. The kingfisher pictured is a male.

Click here to see unique colour footage from inside a kingfisher nest.

March 30th 2019

Great Crested Grebe

Wildlife photo of the week 


wildlife photo of the week grebe

The great crested grebe was almost driven to extinction in Britain due to the 19th century fashion for hats, capes and muffs lined with its fine head plumes. A drive to protect numbers, which dropped to just 30 pairs, was the trigger for the birth of the modern conservation movement.

Click here to read about the grebes fascinating courtship dance and see my paintings of these beautiful birds


March 23rd 2019


Wildlife photo of the week 


osprey wildlife photo of the week

Look out for osprey as they head back from their winter break along west coast of Africa now. They often stop at lakes and ponds to dive for fish. These birds have short spines under their talons to help them keep hold of their slippery catch as they carry them out of the water, head first like a torpedo.


March 16th 2019

Long Tailed Tit

Wildlife photo of the week


wildlife photo of the week long tailed tit

With fluffy, soft pink feathers, and little round bodies, long-tailed tits look like balls of candy floss on sticks. Their nests are woven from moss, lichen and feathers, stuck together with cobwebs, and can take up to three weeks to build. When finished they house an average of eight chicks and are capable of expanding as the lively brood grows.

Click here to find out what I do to help these beautiful birds as they build these fabulous nests.


March 9th 2019


Wildlife photo of the week

wildlife photo of the week nuthatch

This beautiful slate-blue bird gets its name for is fondness for nuts, which it holds in its claws to carefully chisel open. The ‘hatch’ comes from the old French word ‘hache’ meaning axe or hatchet. But actually you are more likely to see on scurrying up tree trunks in search of insects to winkles from crevices with its stout, sharp bill.


March 2nd 2019

Boxing Hares

Wildlife photo of the week 


wildlife photo of the week: hares


Female hares, or does, will box potential suitors to test their strength: the stronger the buck the better mate he is. Boxing hares are usually associated with spring, when its easy to spot courting hares racing each other and boxing like ‘Mad March Hares’. But actually hares do this all year round.

Click here to read about the time I watched hares boxing during a bitterly cold blizzard. 


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