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Wildlife Photograph Of The Week | Best of Summer 2019

Wildlife Art Photographic Studies

A Wildlife Photograph A Week

My photographs are studies for my paintings. I’ve selected the best images of the season for you each week. From puffins photographed along the Yorkshire coast to badger cubs at play – this is the very best of British wildlife.

Click here for more snapshots taken throughout the seasons. 

Click here to see these photographs translates into paintings on my Wildlife Painting of the Week’ blog.


June 15th 2019

Wet Stoat

Wildlife photograph of the week


The weather this week has been miserable, especially for wildlife. Just look at this stoat making its way through a slippery clump of clover. It’s fur clumped together in wads, rather than its usual sleek condition. Stoats were once valued for their fur, which can turn white in winter to help them camouflage in snow. I’ve spent the last five years photographing and filming six generations of a stoat family living in my garden for a new collection of paintings. These go on show in my gallery today.

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wildlife photo of the week


June 8th 2019

Badger Cubs

Wildlife photograph of the week 


Long summer evenings are excellent for watching badgers. The cubs are now weaned from their mothers and it is possible to see them romping playfully outside their setts. I visit a badger sett near my home and gallery on the Yorkshire Wolds every evening and the animals are so used to me now they treat me as part of the clan.

Click here to read my blog post on watching this set and see the paintings the badger sightings have inspired. 

wildlife photo of the week


June 1st 2019


Wildlife photograph of the week 

Cuckoo chicks continue to get fed by their foster parents weeks after they have fledged the nest. They mimic the begging calls of the chicks of their host species, chirping as loudly as possible in order to fool these foster parents into bringing as much food as they would to a brood of their own.

By mid-June they will be living independently and by August these birds will make the long journey south to Africa. They never get to meet their true parents and fly across the Sahara south all alone, guided on their incredible journey by the night skies and the Earth’s magnetic field

Click here to see the painting inspired by the photograph below and read about how I got the picture.

wildlife photo of the week

May 25th 201


Wildlife photograph of the week

Puffins can carry up to 12 small fish in their beaks – this saves extra fishing trips to keep their chicks fed as they grow. These clown-like birds get their name from the way their chicks are so thickly covered in feathers –  they look like fluffed-up balls and are called pufflings. Look for puffins now in nests along cliff tops at RSPB Bempton.

Click here for more on where to see puffins and when to go

photo of the week


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