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Wildlife Photography | Winter 2020-21

From deer emerging from woodland to owls flitting over evening skies, meet the wildlife art models that inspired my paintings this season.

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January 14th, 2021

Fox (Vulpus Vulpus)

Wildlife Photo of the Week

Have you been woken by the eerie love call of a fox this month? These animals tend to let out a blood-curdling love calls at this time of year, usually in the dead of night and shattering the peace. If you hear a loud screech, it’s usually a female. Meanwhile you may also hear a male’s loud barks, a raucous triple yelp, as he proclaims his territory.

wildlife photography fox


January 7th, 2021

Red-legged partridge (Alectoris Rufa)

Wildlife Photo of the Week

Over a decade ago, I painted a picture called Covey of Red-Legged Partridges. A few years later when snow carpeted the Yorkshire Wolds, I came across the scene above and, as I photographed it, I felt as if my painting had come to life. Usually I paint from live scenes, but this felt like it was happening the other way around.

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wildlife photography partridges

December 28th, 2020

Blue Tit (Cyanistes Caeruleus)

Wildlife Photo of the Week
Blue tits are incredibly acrobatic and are often spotted hanging upside down on bird feeders – their favourite foods garden snacks are peanuts. Famed for breaking the tops of milk bottles and taking the top off the milk, they are also like to indulge in creamy treats in winter.

wildlife photography


December 21st, 2020

Red Squirrel (Sciurus Vulgaris)

Wildlife Photo of the Week 

It may not have been possible for many of us this year, but it is interesting to know that in winter, red squirrels shake off their normally shy, solitary habits, and come together to be sociable and keep warm – sometimes even sharing their nests, known as dreys, and even their food stores with others.

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wildlife photograpy


December 14th, 2020

Barn Owl (Tyto Alba)

Wildlife Photo of the Week 

Barn owls originally evolved in warmer, drier climates than we have in the UK and Yorkshire is one of their northernmost reaches. Sadly, this means that severe or prolonged wet and cold weather can mean bad news for these beautiful birds. Their super soft feathers become waterlogged in heavy rain meaning they cannot fly to hunt and when their prey disappears under knee-deep snow they are unable to feed. Their precarious presence here in North Yorkshire inspired me to protect barn owls and in my garden I have created a sanctuary for them.

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December 8th, 2020

Red Squirrel (Sciurus Vulgaris)

Wildlife Photo of the Week
Red squirrels spend much of their winter in their tree nests, known as dreys, escaping from the worst of the wind and cold. They don’t actually hibernate, but when it is really cold only tend to venture out of the tree canopy to dig up nuts and conifers that they have already stored underground in the autumn. I photographed this red squirrel in Yorkshire and my studies inspired a new painting.

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red squirrel wildlife photo of the week

December 1st, 2020

Greenfinch (Chloris Chloris)

Meet the Models

Greenfinches are regular garden visitors and are fun to watch as they squabble among themselves at the bird table. Relatively large finches, they sport olive green feathers with a complementary flash of yellow along their wingtips and they’re twittering, wheezing song is easy to identify.

meet the models wildlife photography

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