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Winter Wonders

I don’t suppose we’ve seen the last of the snow this winter, but I couldn’t quite sign off 2010 without a quick recap of those incredible snow scenes we had in December.

This black bird is one of my favourite pictures of that time.

I watched this green woodpecker trying hard to peck through the deep snow blanket. They are ground-feeding birds and I expect it was looking for an ant hill. There was 18 inches of snow on top of the ant hill and it soon gave up.

The snow looked pretty, but it was difficult to get around.

Some of the drifts were higher than me AND my car.

The partridge pictured below had lost its covey after it flew over the horizon and was calling to relocate them.

A gust of wind blew its flank feathers.

And I loved these waxwings that I found on the Wolds.

This kestrel was hunting hungrily when I saw it. And these gulls almost blotted out the sun for a while.


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