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I have a unique habitat built especially for stoats and weasels in my garden in Yorkshire, in the north of England. Rigged with hidden cameras so that I can film these little-understood animals for my paintings, my ‘Stoat City’ and ‘Weasel Town’ featured in a TV nature documentary about weasels. This is the story of how I created the habitats. For US readers: In my blogs, a weasel refers to your ‘least weasel’ and stoat […]

Photograph: Wildlife Artist and Photographer Robert E Fuller with a Stoat


The Wonderful World of Weasels and Stoats More is known about the habits of snow leopards than of weasels and stoats, so as a wildlife artist and photographer I created a haven in my garden in order to capture their magical, brutal lives. Here’s what I found…. Photograph: Weasel among pink saxifrage Untrustworthy, sly and vicious: the negative characteristics of weasels and stoats can be traced back to ancient times. Back then these tiny carnivores […]

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