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Rpbert E Fuller Wildlife Artist Blog

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Seven Simple Steps to Deciphering the Dawn Chorus

Wren on Cherry Blossom, by Robert E Fuller, art print, unframed £65

It’s International Dawn Chorus Day is on Sunday, May 7th, but do you know what all the racket is about? To help you make sense of the daily din, I’ve broken down the essentials into a simple seven step guide accompanied by a video featuring detailed paintings of my birds- so you know what’s what. As a wildlife artist, I have a lifetime’s experience of listening to birds in the field and can tell species apart with […]

Featured post

Fidget the Weasel to star on TV

UPDATE: I’ve just heard that Fidget is going to appear on The One Show tonight. Tune in to BBC1 from 7pm to watch him. Here’s a short clip filmed on the day he performed for the cameras. Watch him speed through a maze, then dart into clear plastic hamster tubing, over a bicycle wheel, onto a slalom,  up a vertical wall before slipping behind my paintings and down a Perspex slide into his comfort sock nestled […]

Did you know that animals in love get jealous too? Read how I watched a curlew unable to brood because her mate was flirting

Like many birds, curlews tend to form monogamous relationships: the male and female taking turns in rearing their young. But last month I came across a pair on the Yorkshire moors where the male seemed to be playing away and his faithlessness seemed to be disrupting his female’s ability to brood her eggs. I first spotted the female on her nest. She seemed to be very restless and couldn’t seem to concentrate on the job of brooding. In […]

Are tawny owls the most devoted parents in nature?

The tawny owls that feed in my garden each night have been bringing their chicks to the bird table and this week there were eight all balancing on the branch outside my living room window!  It has been fantastic watching them at such close quarters, they are such characters. The way they bob up and down when they spot something new is so funny. I’ve been putting food out for tawny owls to encourage them […]

How I watched a formidable pair of curlews defend their chicks

The unmistakable sound of a curlew’s call rings out across the Yorkshire Wolds and moors brightens up the dullest of days. These waders come in from the coastal mud flats to raise their young over the summer months. Their arrival in spring is spectacular. The males circle the valleys, surveying their new territory and calling with a crescendo of notes as they rise steeply into the air with rapid wing beats before gracefully gliding back down […]

Bringing Up Baby: An Art Exhibition Focusing on How Animal’s Parent

From pushy parent owls to clucky mummy ducks, the different parenting styles of British wildlife are the focus of my summer art exhibition, running at my gallery in Thixendale from June 3rd- 25th. I’ve devoted years to studying the ways different species bring up their broods for this new series of detailed paintings and my new body of art work, which include scenes of foxes and cubs, curlews with chicks and even ducklings nestling under their mother, are the […]

Are long-tail tits the most sociable birds?

I’ve been watching a pair of long-tail tits begin their courtship process. These delicate little birds are one of Britain’s earliest breeders. They begin pairing up in late January and early December and by Valentine’s Day many of them have already begun nesting. You often see the courting couple chasing one another through hedgerows at this time.  Both male and female birds have a soft, pinky plumage and together make a very ‘pretty’ pair – […]

Why I spent a week crammed in a wendy house to watch a fox with her cubs

    As a wildlife artist, I have always been fascinated by the sight of a fox slinking through the countryside. They are essentially elusive, which is part of their appeal. But truly wild foxes are virtually impossible to study at close quarters. One slight whiff of human scent, or click of a camera, and they’re off. To make the task more challenging still, the vixen regularly moves her cubs if she is disturbed. In […]

Why the Yorkshire Wolds is the Best Place to Live if you like Wildlife

The Yorkshire Wolds Way is currently featuring on a TV series presented by the explorer Paul Rose on BBC2 and on Saturday’s episode, which will be screened at 8pm on May 20th, I will be featured showing Paul Rose and his viewers the wildlife that can be found along the route. I really welcome the opportunity to show off this incredible region. This is where I grew up and where I have lived most of […]

Where to see otters in East Yorkshire

I’ve been trying to study otters one and off for the last few years. It is hard work as they are largely nocturnal and very secretive. Often, I’ve only had a fleeting glimpse of one, which is not enough to allow me to study it for a painting. I’ve been trying to watch one individual that I knew was living along a tributary of the river Derwent. I set up some camera traps. These work […]

The best time to watch puffins and where to go to see them

STOP PRESS: Since writing this blog on watching puffins from Bempton a black browed albatross was spotted by a 12-year-old boy off shore from Bempton Cliffs on May 17th. This is one of the rarest sightings in Yorkshire waters – all the more reason to go!   Puffins are everybody’s favourite seabird and its not hard to see why. With their smart black and white plumage, comical walk and bright orange beaks, these small birds really stand out. […]

BBC to Film my Kingfisher’s in their Nest

BBC Springwatch are coming today to film the kingfishers I’ve been watching inside their nest. I’ve been watching this pair since February from a hide I built next to a pond and I’ve followed their courtship through to the eggs being laid and their chicks hatching via cameras hidden inside their nest. Below is a taster of the kind of footage I’ve been getting. I think the crew at Springwatch will love it. I’ll up date […]

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