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Rpbert E Fuller Wildlife Artist Blog

This Tragic Tale of a Tawny Owl Family Has A Happy Ending

Followers of my blog will know how I have installed cameras in custom-made nest boxes throughout my garden and the countryside beyond so that I can follow the individual stories of the animals and birds that I paint. This year the tawny owl pair I was watching faced a tragic loss. But what happened next made up for it. I have pieced the story of this year’s breeding season together into one watchable video for […]

How an abandoned kit weaseled its way into my heart and onto your TV Screens

Fidget my pet weasel

I’ve been watching a family of wild weasels in my garden for two years, monitoring their lives closely via surveillance cameras hidden in the shrubbery. It’s been fascinating following their story through the seasons, from the moment the adult pair mated, to the birth of the kits and on to watching the young on their first hunting lesson. I’ve learned some interesting things about these tiny mammals along the way. For instance how early the […]

My Collection of Barn Owl Paintings

Barn owls populations on the Yorkshire Wolds are the healthiest I’ve seen in a long time and, after a number of years in which their future seemed uncertain, I’m celebrating the good news by sharing my collection of paintings of these beautiful white owls. I’m particularly fond of barn owls and have worked hard over the years to protect them here where the altitudes mean their survival is precarious. Read my latest blog post on […]

Yorkshire’s 11 top wild species and where to go to see them

Yorkshire spans some of the most varied landscapes in the country; including wolds, dales, moors and a spectacular coastline. These different habitats support a wide variety of wildlife species. To celebrate Yorkshire Day this year, I’ve listed the 10 of my favourite Yorkshire species and where you should go to see them.   Barn Owls   There’s nothing more breathtaking than the sight of a barn owl silently gliding against a darkening sky and this […]

A tour of barn owl nests on the Yorkshire Wolds

I often get asked by visitors to my gallery how the barn owls are doing locally. This year I’ve enjoyed being able to reply that these beautiful birds are faring really well. Barn owls are one of my favourite birds to study and paint and I have an extensive collection of barn owl paintings. But my relationship with these beautiful birds of prey goes deeper. I also work hard to protect their future here on […]

How I helped to rescue a juvenile peregrine that kept plunging off the top of York Minster

Juvenile Peregrine Falcon on top of a Chimney Pot in York Photo: Robert E Fuller

  A pair of peregrines have been resident on the ramparts of York Minster for many years now and I have painted the pair and photographed them too. In 2016 the pair laid eggs, but they didn’t hatch out. But this year, 2017, I was delighted to learn on the @yorkperegrines twitter feed that 2 chicks have hatched. But on Monday I received a phone call from wildlife rehabilitator Jean Thorpe. “We’ve need to go and […]

Happy World Snake Day: My Snake Paintings Plus An Exciting Adder Hunt.

Today is World Snake Day and I thought I’d share some paintings from my archives with you in celebration. I have spent many hours watching and sketching grass snakes, which are common enough to see, but so far I am yet to paint an adder. Read on to see my grass snake studies and find out how I watched an adder hunt. Snakes evoke a mixture of emotions, many of them negative. Adders in particular […]

How my trip of a lifetime to Galapagos inspired new paintings

My trip to the Galapagos Islands in 2014 inspired a new range of paintings, pictured above. I was so overwhelmed by the experience I wasn’t able to put my paintbrushes when I got back! The unique species that roam these Pacific islands inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and it’s easy to see why. The Galapagos is host to the only waved albatross breeding colony in the world as well its very own endemic penguin, […]

What to do when you visit: one visitor’s guided walk around Thixendale and the Robert Fuller Gallery

A visitor to my gallery has written an excellent review of a walk you can do around my gallery. If you are planning a visit and want to make a day of it I recommend reading his blog,which I have copied below. To link directly to his blog, Andrews Walks, and to see a map of the route please click on this link :   Thixendale   Route: Thixendale Area: North Yorkshire Date of walk: 2nd July […]

Why East Yorkshire is the best place to watch gannets now

Gannets have always fascinated me, mostly because they make an excellent subject to paint. They are large birds with pure white feathers that finish in sleep black wing-tips. Their heads are a yellow colour that fades gradually into the neck and they have bright blue beaks and eyes. As an artist, I’ve always appreciated their graphic faces, which look like they have been drawn on with a fine black pencil line. Gannets are out at […]

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