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Rpbert E Fuller Wildlife Artist Blog

Happy World Snake Day: My Snake Paintings Plus An Exciting Adder Hunt.

Today is World Snake Day and I thought I’d share some paintings from my archives with you in celebration. I have spent many hours watching and sketching grass snakes, which are common enough to see, but so far I am yet to paint an adder. Read on to see my grass snake studies and find out how I watched an adder hunt. Snakes evoke a mixture of emotions, many of them negative. Adders in particular […]

How my trip of a lifetime to Galapagos inspired new paintings

My trip to the Galapagos Islands in 2014 inspired a new range of paintings, pictured above. I was so overwhelmed by the experience I wasn’t able to put my paintbrushes when I got back! The unique species that roam these Pacific islands inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and it’s easy to see why. The Galapagos is host to the only waved albatross breeding colony in the world as well its very own endemic penguin, […]

What to do when you visit: one visitor’s guided walk around Thixendale and the Robert Fuller Gallery

A visitor to my gallery has written an excellent review of a walk you can do around my gallery. If you are planning a visit and want to make a day of it I recommend reading his blog,which I have copied below. To link directly to his blog, Andrews Walks, and to see a map of the route please click on this link :   Thixendale   Route: Thixendale Area: North Yorkshire Date of walk: 2nd July […]

Why East Yorkshire is the best place to watch gannets now

Gannets have always fascinated me, mostly because they make an excellent subject to paint. They are large birds with pure white feathers that finish in sleep black wing-tips. Their heads are a yellow colour that fades gradually into the neck and they have bright blue beaks and eyes. As an artist, I’ve always appreciated their graphic faces, which look like they have been drawn on with a fine black pencil line. Gannets are out at […]

Stories from the Kestrel Cam

I’ve been following the intimate lives of a pair of kestrels living in my garden for more than 10 years and over the years I’ve come to know them well; naming the male Kes, after my favourite Ken Loach film. Sadly last year Kes’ long-term mate passed away. But he is a resilient old bird and already had a new mate in the wings – Follow this link to read my blog post about Kes’ […]

See My Collection of Badger Paintings

This week is National Badger Week, run by the Badger Trust to highlight the plight of badgers in the UK today. In support of the cause, I’m posting my paintings of badgers to remind people how beautiful these creatures are. This badger painting is one of my most popular and is available as a print, limited to a run of just 850. Each has been printed onto the highest quality on heavyweight water colour paper […]

How I became accepted by a wild badger clan as one of their own

I’ve been visiting a badger sett in a valley on the Yorkshire Wolds for so long now that I have been accepted as part of the clan. Here is the story of how I got this totally wild family of badgers to accept my presence – and ended up being nicknamed a ‘badger whisperer’. Although I had been watching badgers at this particular sett for many years, the story reached a crescendo in the spring […]

Too Wet To Woo! What to do if you find an owl chick

The relentless rain we’ve had this week reminds me of the day I had to rescue two chicks in the valley below my gallery after they got caught out in several days of rain. They had only just fledged and were soaked to the skin, their feathers stuck fast to their tiny bodies so that there was no way they could fly to safety. The wet owlets were in danger of getting perilously cold so […]

Bringing Up Baby Wrens: How I watched a hard working wren mum raise her chicks.

Raising young can be hard work for any parent, but among the animal parents I most admire are those that won’t be deterred from the job at hand. Like the female wren I watched one year who worked tirelessly to feed her chicks despite the efforts of her mate to distract her. I’m currently exhibiting a new range of paintings inspired by watching animals parent in the wild and I have categorised the different parenting […]

Stories from Inside a Barn Owl Nest

I’ve been following the story of a barn owl pair on my nestcams throughout this breeding season and in this post I plan to tell their story from the moment the male first found the nest site last autumn to the day the young chicks fledge – and beyond. I plan to keep adding video clips as I get them. Below is the story so far: JUNE 29TH It’s been a very wet week here […]

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