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My Collection of Hare Paintings

Inspired by Watching Hares

I paint in a realistic style and try to capture every detail. Hares are mostly solitary animals, but they group together when they are courting. This is when their behaviour becomes interesting since it involves bouts of boxing and high-speed races in which the female tests the strength of her suitors. This art collection includes paintings that capture this behaviour as well as paintings of solitary hares.

Paintings of Hares in Summer

This collection of paintings was inspired by watching hares in the heat of summer and early springtime and includes scenes of boxing as well as portraits of lone hares.

hare artworks
Hare in Mayweed | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

The deep-set valleys that make up the Yorkshire Wolds put on a spectacular show of wildflowers each summer and I like to include these native species in the backdrops of my paintings. I chose yellow mayweed in the painting above to offset the golden hues of the brown hare’s fur.

hare artwork
Hare in Wildflowers | Fine Art Print | Shop Now

This hare has been set against a backdrop featuring harebells because I thought the choice of wild flower was apt! These native species make perfect settings for my paintings, so much so that I have planted my own meadow to provide me with plenty of samples to study. And of course it is also more lovely to look out on to a meadow than a lawn.

Click here to read about how I planted a meadow and see more of the paintings it has inspired.

hare paintings
Boxing Hares | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

I followed a group of hares across country fields for days before taking the photograph that inspired this painting. Female hares, or does, will box their suitors in order to test the strength of these males and go on to choose the strongest buck.

paintings of hares
Hares on the Run | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

Does also test potential suitors by encouraging these males to chase her. She then picks the fastest. These hare chases are fantastic to watch, although it is hard to keep pace with these speedy mammals. I set this group against a backdrop of brown stubble for this oil painting.

The Winter Hare Collection 

I was inspired to paint this collection of paintings of hares in snow after watching groups of hares courting in extremely cold conditions.

Click here to read about the story behind this art collection.

Hare Today Gone Tomorrow | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

This painting captures the drama of a group of hares racing one another through a winter landscape. I painted it some years ago now but it is still one of my most popular limited edition prints.

hare art print
Hare Today Gone Tomorrow | Limited Edition Print | Framed in Medium Light Burr

It looks beautiful framed in my Medium Light Burr frame and set against a blue themed interior as in the image above.

Hare Stretch | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

One bitterly cold day I watched a group of hares sitting out a blizzard.They were huddled up with their backs to the blizzard, when all of a sudden the sun came out and they all stood up to shake off the snow and stretch. I was struck by the way the sun lit up their fur at that moment.

hare artwork
Hare at Peace | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

I was moved by the peacefulness of the pose of the hare in the painting above. I noticed it at the edge of a group of hares, resting momentarily in the cold snot, and thought its silent pose would make a great composition.

Winter Hare | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

I was moved by the way the sun lit up this hare as it sat in the snow watching for predators, its long ears listening for any unusual sounds.

Paintings of Young Hares, or Leverets

This collection was inspired by watching young hares, known as leverets, in my garden. Click here to read the story behind this collection of paintings.

hare art
Portrait of a Leveret | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

The portrait of a leveret above is painted in acrylics and is a detailed study of a young leveret with soft fur.

hare art
Leverets – Hidden Gems | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

Hares hide their young in long grasses or under shrubs during the day and only return once a day, usually at dusk, to feed them. This pair was carefully hidden amidst the waving grasses along the banks of my gallery car park. I chose to paint them in oils.

hare art
Leverets at Givendale | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

The leverets I spotted in my gallery car park also inspired this painting in acrylics. The leverets were carefully hidden and it felt like I had come across a very special secret when I spotted them.

Hare and Leverets | Limited Edition Print | Shop Now

It is very rare to see a with her young leverets, so when I was lucky enough to spot this secret moment I was  inspired to paint the scene.

My Limited Edition Prints

My paintings are printed to the highest quality on heavyweight watercolour paper using light fast inks. They are available framed or unframed and each print is individually numbered and hand signed in pencil by myself. A limited edition print means that there will only ever be a certain number of prints produced and once they are sold, there won’t be any more available.

Click here to shop for my hare artwork

You may also be interested in my collection of hare art gifts. Click here to shop the hare luxury art gift range.



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