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Otter Art | A Collection of Otter Paintings

Paintings Inspired by Otters

Otters are so secretive, watching them for my paintings can often be tricky. Over the years I’ve learned how to track them in the wild in order to study them up close. The following paintings were inspired by these encounters.

Otter painting by Robert E Fuller
Otter | Limited Edition Print | Available Here

For the painting above I used acrylics paints, applying my brushstrokes in layers in order to get across the thick, damp fur of this otter. I was pleased with the composition. Taken from a photograph of an otter as it glanced over its shoulder back at me, I think it emphasises that moment in time when an animal notices that you are watching it.

an otter mother and cub painting
Curled Up | Acrylic Painting| Available as a Greeting Card

It is rare to see an otter with its cub and so when I came across this pair I was so inspired I immediately picked up my paintbrushes. Read on to meet the models I watched for this painting. 

Otter painting
Otter | Original Acrylic Painting | Print Available on Request

The paintings above and below were inspired by watching otters in Scotland where the light is so soft. Again I used acrylic paints to capture the soft fur coat dampened by the water in the loch. 

otter painting
Otter of Jura | Original Acrylic Painting | Print Available on Request

From the Archive

Below is an acrylic painting, completed many years ago. I have included it here because it is interesting to see how my style has changed over the years. 

otter painting
Waterfall Otter | Original Painting | From the Archive

Meet the Models 

Among the paintings above were two inspired by watching otters in Scotland. Follow the links below to read their stories and meet the models: 

Follow the link below to read about how I watched a dog otter on Loch Sunart the week before I spotted this mother and cub:

On the trail of otters: a wildlife artist in Scotland

On the Trail of An Otter Mother and Her Cub


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