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Peregrine Nest Camera | Four Chicks Hatch!

Four chicks have hatched at Salt End! Scroll down to see them as they emerge wet and shaky from their eggs. These clips are taken directly from live cameras inside the nest. A wireless internet signal relays the footage 50 miles from their nest at an industrial site in Hull to my remote gallery in Thixendale. Read on for the highlights and scroll down to see the paintings inspired by this fascinating pair.

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Keep checking in to this blog post for new clips from the nest.

April 28th 2019

Time for the Eggs to Hatch

Four brand new peregrine chicks

This week I’ve watched the eggs carefully.  They began to show signs of hatching after 30 days of incubation. The female peregrine cocked her head to one side as if listening to chicks starting to cheep and tap from inside the eggs – a sure sign that the hatching process was beginning. Next I noticed a small chip in the top of one of the eggs, clearly visible on cameras. The female rushed in to continue to incubate the four eggs. When her partner came in to do his habitual nest changeover, the female refused to budge and ushered him away – this was too an important a time for him to take over, clearly! The first chick arrived by night on the 26th April with the next two arriving on the 27th April and the last on the 28th. This is as to be expected, the female lays her clutch over a period of 7 days, but doesn’t start to incubate fully until the whole clutch is laid. The chicks hatch at the same time, so usually they are all of about the same size. The chicks are really cute – pure white and fluffy. It was amazing to watch the female carefully help her the third chick out of the eggshell.  When all four were hatched out, I watched as they had their first feed. The female carefully delivering a morsel of meat into each gaping red mouth in turn. Watch out for the next update, when I’ll be looking to see how these young chicks grow.


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April 1st 2019

Salt End Peregrines

Peregrine Incubating Eggs

The female peregrine has been incubating her eggs for 15 days now. She is supported by the male who brings her regular gifts of food and takes over incubation whilst she stretches her wings. Watch how she takes his catches from him and flies away from the nest with them. This gives her a break and also means that on the whole the nest site is kept clean. Whilst she is away the male takes over her incubating role. The pair have a clutch of four red-brown eggs. They incubate for up to 29 days and so I am expecting them to hatch from April 24th.

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Peregrine Paintings

Inspired by the Salt End Peregrines

Peregrine art


The peregrine pair at Salt End has inspired a collection of paintings. I use the nest cameras to study these birds so that my paintings are as accurate as possible. Scroll down to see the full collection:

peregrine of salt end painting
Peregrine Of Salt End | Fine Art Print | Shop Now



The Look Of A Peregrine, painted by Robert E Fuller



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